Sabtu, 25 Desember 2010

Aladdin 2012 - The Super Musical

Aladdin 2012 The Super Musical it's a british pantomime that held by English Society member at my campus, The London School of Public Relations Jakarta. It was held on August 14 - 15 2009 and on May 29 2010 as a special show for the closing of english festival at Proffesor Djayusman Auditorium and Performance Hall Campus B LSPR

Aladdin and Princess Jasmine

Sultan and Harem Girls

Magic Carpet, Aladdin, and Genie
British pantomime is not like a form theater that we usually watch, it is full of  drama, comedy, and music. The audience can also interact with the cast. Maybe in Indonesia it have similarities with Ludruk or Opera Van Java. We don't have to act like exactly the same with the script, improvisations are necessary. ;)

The Narrators with Jafar, Razoul, and Guards

I was involved in this production as a cast, narrator number 4 tee hee ;). My character was a silly, childish, and fool man with a french accent. Romantico romanticooo..

The Cast and Crew of Aladdin 2012 We Are a Happy Family :)